Answering 3 Questions About Your Home's Roofing Needs

Roofing repair and replacement may not be an enjoyable topic to consider, but it's an important one for any homeowner. A home's roof helps to keep the interior space properly insulated, so that you spend less on your utility bills throughout the year, and a strong roof also protects the home's framework from water damage, mould growth, and the like. If you're a new homeowner, or suspect your home's roof needs repairs, note a few questions you might have about this work, so you're sure that your home's roof is always watertight and properly maintained.

If the roof leaks, will it need replacing?

A roof can leak because there is severe damage to the actual structure of the home, with holes and cracks in its building materials. The flashing of the roof can also be torn or damaged, so that water seeps through the roof's surface.

In some cases, this damage can be repaired, or covered over with a type of reroofing substance that gets sprayed onto the roof and which then hardens. However, if the leak has been neglected for a long time, this may have caused damage to the home's framework, and the roof may need to be replaced. This is one reason to have a reroofing done as soon as you know it's needed.

Can a homeowner replace missing shingles themselves?

If roofing shingles have blown off in a recent storm, you may be able to simply replace them yourself. Shingles that have been missing for some time may be different, as these open areas of the roof may have gotten damaged from rain, snow, and the like, and they should be inspected by a professional roofer. This is especially true if you notice that the remaining shingles are brittle, curled up along the edges, or are otherwise showing signs of damage, as they may also need replacing.

Should you reroof before or after a storm?

If you live in an area that is prone to strong storms, you may wonder if you should have roofing work done before or after stormy season. Typically it's actually better to have roofing work done before storms approach, as then the roof is less likely to suffer severe damage. Worn shingles may easily blow off during a storm, which can then lead to damage to the flashing and other materials on the roof. A newer roof may withstand heavy rains and winds more easily, so that you actually have fewer, if any, repairs needed after the storms have passed.

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