Top Qualities Making Metal Roofing Products a Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective Roofing Option

Metal is a popular choice of roofing material for homes in Australia mainly because metal roofs can outlast several other types of roofs but are also a cost-effective roofing solution over the long term. But what qualities make metal roofs a durable and economical option for today's homeowners? Continue reading on to find out.

Metal roofs offer high impact resistance.

Is preventing hail damage to your roof a top priority for you? People living in areas prone to hailstorms find metal roofs to be the perfect roofing option to protect their roofs from hail damage. Metal roofs are extremely hard and won't break or crack like shingles when hail stones hit rooftops at high speed. The worst that can happen after a heavy hailstorm is formation of dents or depressions on your roof, which are not so detrimental to your roof.

Metal roofs are designed to resist water damage.

When left unprotected, most metal materials are highly susceptible to rusting. Once the rusting process begins, it cannot be reversed. Multiple layers of protective coatings are usually applied onto the metal substrate to give the final product a hard, durable finish that can keep rust and corrosion away. In addition, metal roofs discourage the growth of mould, mildew, moss, algae and other bacterial microorganisms because they do not retain moisture. Metal roofs become as soon as it stops raining, leaving no room for bacterial growth on the roof surface.  

Metal roofs are non-combustible.

Some roofs can catch fire easily because they are made of combustible material. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, it would be a great idea for you to invest in a fire-resistant roof, and that is what metal roofing offers. Metal roofs are inherently non-combustible, hence they can provide homeowners with a high level of fire protection. As a matter of fact, most insurance firms offer homeowners great discounts on their home insurance owing to the high level of fire resistant qualities of their metal roofs.

Before installing a metal roof, you need to know that not all metal roofs are not built the same. Metal roofing comes in a range of materials such as steel, aluminium and copper, but also a selection of colours, designs and finishes. Just like every home, each metal roofing product is unique. Therefore, it would be a good idea to consult a metal roofing specialist before deciding on the type of metal roofing you should choose for your home.

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