Options Available To You When Considering Roofing Insulation

If you live in Australia, thermal gain is one of the primary concerns you probably have regarding indoor living. As the temperatures soar during the summer, you find yourself increasingly reliant on your air conditioning, and this subsequently causes a sharp rise in your energy demands and ensuing costs. Metal roofing may deflect some of this heat, but this may not be adequate during the scorching summer. Fortunately, there are solutions available to you to counter this heat gain. One option that you could choose for the long term is the installation of roof insulation. So what are the options available to you when considering roof insulation for your residence?


Batts made of fibreglass is a cost-efficient insulation solution for people who may be on a restrictive budget. The insulation batts are made up of thread-like materials, which have been woven to create a thick blanket-like structure. There are a number of reasons why fibreglass batts are a popular option when it comes to metal roofing insulation.

Firstly, the batts can be cut into any dimension that you would like so it is guaranteed to meet your roof's dimensional needs. Secondly, the fibreglass batts can be installed directly over a pre-existing roof or underneath its surface, making it a highly versatile and convenient alternative. It should be noted that the installation of fibreglass batts should only be left to roofing specialists. Choosing to embark on this installation as a DIY project would put you at risk of injury due to the fine shards of glass particles that it contains.

Spray foam

Another favourite insulation material for roofing is spray foam. The main advantage of this form of insulation is that it can be directly applied to the area it is required as it is sprayed on, rather than installed. Therefore, if you have a uniquely designed roof, the spray foam would be ideal, as it is capable of getting to hard to reach areas that would be inaccessible.

First, the spray foam is mixed with water. The roofing specialist will then choose to either apply the spray foam using a pneumatic pump or by expelling the foam through high-pressure equipment. As the spray foam coats the surface, it has a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air, and this causes it to dry and harden. Spray foam insulation will typically cure and set in a few minutes, so it is a quick and easy way to provide your rood with a rigid layer of thermal insulation.

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