Roofing Solutions for Those on a Budget

If you're on a very tight budget, you may be tempted to put off getting a new roof, or any type of roofing repairs that are needed for your home, but this can be a costly mistake. A solid, watertight roof is needed to protect the home's framework from mould and other water damage, and to help insulate the home as well.

There are also solutions for homeowners who are on a strict budget when it comes to new roofing materials, some of which you may not be aware of; note a few of those here, so you can discuss your options with a roofing contractor as needed.

Roof restoration

A roof restoration is a coating that is applied over the home's current roof and then settles into cracks and holes. The coating then dries and hardens and adds a waterproof layer over the roof shingles.

This can be an option if the current roof is not so badly damaged that it needs outright replacing, and this restoration is much cheaper than tearing off the old shingles and replacing them. This restoration may not last as long as a brand new roof, but it can be a budget-friendly option that protects your home's current roof for many years.

Asphalt roll roofing

An asphalt roll roof is just as the name implies; a long piece of solid asphalt is unrolled onto the roof, and then literally melted onto the roof's surface with a blowtorch. This type of roofing material is often cheaper than asphalt shingles, as it can be placed over the existing roof without a tear-off, and it doesn't take as long to install as individual tiles. An asphalt roll can also provide a watertight finish over a damaged roof, and may even be reapplied after several years, if it should get worn due to age.

Cement fibre

Fibre cement is a mixture of sand, gravel, and a type of fibre or paper material. This makes the cement softer and lighter than the material used for a driveway or walkway, but it is still very dense and durable. Cement fibre is made in long sheets with rounded trenches; the trenches direct water away from the roof, and the long sheets are easier and faster to install than individual asphalt shingles. This material may not be quite as durable as asphalt when it comes to excessive rain or bitter cold, but it can still last for many years and be a good choice for those with limited budgets.

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