How to Add Living Space to Your Home

If you need more living space, but aren't ready to put your home on the market and buy a new one, you can typically add extra room to your current home, without making the property seem crowded or making the home overly large and obtrusive. Note a few suggestions for adding living space to your home, and discuss these with a contractor so he or she can help you decide the best choice for your house and property in particular.


If your home has an attached garage, this space can be finished with flooring and insulation, and the garage door removed and replaced with a standard entryway door. You can then use this area for a family room, sunroom, or even a bedroom! If you still need to keep your car protected, you might add a carport over the driveway leading to the garage.

The space over the garage might also be closed off and separated from the garage below it. A contractor can add flooring under the garage's current ceiling, and extend the roof of the garage upward as needed. You then have space for a bedroom, playroom, and the like. If the garage has a flat roof, add a roof extension from the home over this, and this also gives you added living space. 

Porch extensions

Many homes have a front or back porch that is only as tall as the home's first floor. As with the garage, you can add a roof extension over the home's second floor, and then use the roof of the porch as flooring for added living space. Enclosing this area with insulation and drywall can then allow you to expand a bedroom, or you can enclose it with glass for an added sunroom.


A dormer is a window that projects out from a vertical roof; if your home doesn't have dormers, you can have these added to the upper story, for more sunlight into the home. A dormer also means added space under that window; you can create a cosy reading nook, or run the dormer across the width of one wall of a room, for a sitting area, play place, or even added storage. Installing a dormer in a room also allows you to change the entire footprint of a space; for example, you might move a bed under the dormer, so you can expand a bathroom into what is now the bedroom area. This can create more living space in the home overall.

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