Is It Time for Roof Replacement?

Roofs can, of course, give you service for a long period. However, after several years, they can start to show signs of wear and tear and a need to be replaced. Here are the times that you should have your roof replaced:

Frequent Roof Repairs

Does your roof frequently need repair? This is a sign that it is old and has reached its end of useful life; it needs to be replaced. Have it replaced before the roof repair costs run through your hard-earned savings. It might cost you a lot in the beginning (purchase and installation price), but you might end up saving a lot in the long run (no repair costs). Find out from the roofing company the inspection and maintenance measures you need to put in place.

Irreparable Roof Damage

Sometimes, your roof might have experienced severe damage that cannot be repaired. The type of damage depends on the roofing material used. Sheet metal roofing can suffer from severe rust, which can lead to tearing and withering. Such a roof cannot be repaired; you need to replace it. Additionally, if your sheet metal roofing has multiple holes, replace it. A few holes can be repaired, but many indicate that your sheet metal roofing is becoming weak and needs to be replaced.

Tiles in tile roofing can get completely damaged in a way that they cannot be repaired. The solution is to replace the tiles that are severely damaged and leave the good ones.

Asbestos Roofs

If you own an old house that was most likely built in or before the 80s, the roof might be made of asbestos. Asbestos is poisonous and can cause respiratory conditions, including cancer. Contact an asbestos removal company to remove the asbestos roof and then you can call a roofing company to get a new tile or metal sheet roof installed. You should know that it is only a certified company that is permitted to handle asbestos. Do not handle asbestos yourself or call a random person to remove it; special handling techniques and safety measures are required.

When Selling Your House

If you want to sell your house and your roof looks old and worn out and a repair might look like patchwork, it is time to replace your roof. The roof replacement might even help you fetch a higher price for your house. Talk to both a real estate agent and a roofing contractor to ensure that your decision does not hurt your pocket in any way.

For more information, contact roof replacement professionals.

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