How to Check for Damage to Your Home's Roof Following a Major Storm

Australia is a country that is known for its wild weather. During storm season, it's not uncommon for cyclones to blow in off the Pacific Ocean and while these mega storms are fairly rare, super cell thunderstorms are definitely a more common occurrence. Modern day homes are well built to a certain code, in order to withstand very high winds associated with these weather systems, but the roof on these properties is probably the most vulnerable location. If you've just lived through a traumatic weather event, what do you need to be looking out for to make sure that your roof has retained its integrity?

Initial Inspection

A very large number of homes across the country have shingles. These are hardy and will generally last a long time, in addition to being very cost-effective to install, but they can be vulnerable in the event of very high winds. If you can see that you have some missing shingles here or there, this is not necessarily a reason to panic, but if you have multiple damaged or missing shingles in various locations around the roof, then you will need to initiate an urgent repair.

While you are closely inspecting everything, look for evidence of damaged flashing. These are thin metal strips that help to retain the integrity of the roof, but they are quite vulnerable to damage from hail or high winds. They will also need to be replaced, urgently.

Evidence of Further Damage

In some situations, the weather can be so extreme that it can start to peel some shingles away from the surface. When this happens, the nails that should hold these pieces down can come loose and you may see them lying on the ground around your home. You may also notice tiny granules on the floor, or in large numbers within the rain gutters. These granules are normally attached to the surface of each shingle to help protect it from deterioration and damage caused by the sun's UV rays. When weather causes these granules to break away, however, the shingle will not be able to protect your roof as it would and you need to consider replacing all of the damaged pieces as soon as possible.

Being Cautious

Don't be tempted to climb onto the roof yourself to more closely inspect the situation, especially of damage is evident from afar. Instead, call in a roof repair for more information or advice.

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