Top Two Considerations to Prioritise When Roofing an Off-Grid Home

Off-the-grid homes are increasingly becoming popular in Australia as families seek freedom from reliance on public utilities. Whether you fancy a truly sustainable lifestyle, are looking to avoid the rising cost of essential utility, living off the grid can help you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while reducing your impact on the environment. That said, you have to be clever with how you design your home, more so when it comes to your roofing. You will not only need a power source and water supply but your home will also be located far from repair services; hence careful planning is needed when it comes to your roof. Here's what you should know. 

Consider Roofing Materials Compatible with Alternative Energy 

Chances are you will be using solar panels as the main source of energy to power your home. If this is the case, you may be looking to place them on your roof if you lack the space for a ground-mounted system, to avoid the additional cost of putting up a separate structure. You are also likely to have questions regarding the best roofing material to support solar panels and how they affect your roof. To support solar panels, you need to have a fairly new roof and one that will hold up well to provide a good life span for your panels. Most solar panels will weigh as much as installing a second layer on your roof and last several decades or more, so you want to make sure you have a roof that is compatible in terms of age, material, size and orientation. Some great materials to consider include metal and tile roofing. 

Consider Energy-Efficient Roofs 

From a design perspective, the roof will likely be the single largest surface area of your house, and since you will be living off the grid, you cannot afford to lose excess energy through it. Given the scorching summers and torrential storms, hails and other extreme weather elements, an energy-efficient roof that will keep your home warmer during the cold season and cooler in summer without over-relying on artificial cooling and heating is crucial. In addition to choosing the right colour, make sure your roof is well insulated and well ventilated for improved temperature control. Another important consideration is that some materials such as tiles will naturally insulate your home better than materials such as metal. 

Talk to a roofing expert near you for more information on the best roofing options for off-grid living.

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