Different Types of Roof Restoration Homeowners Can Consider

Have you finally decided to restore or replace your roof? Roof restoration and roof replacement are projects that must be handled with precision and professionalism. But first, you need to know what roof restoration options are available to you. In Australia, it's crucial to pick a roofing material that's capable of standing up to the different elements. Consider working with a reliable roofing company and learn about what's available in the market to make informed choices. Below are common roofing materials.

Concrete roofing tiles

Made with cement, sand and water, concrete roofing tiles are capable of lasting long, provided they are maintained regularly. Homeowners may choose from a flat profile (a flat tile), high profile (comes in a dramatic curve) and low profile (has a slight curve on the tile). Concrete tiles are strong, last long and resist fire. Disadvantages include the concrete's weight, cost and installation difficulty.

Steel roofing

Another roof restoration material homeowners can consider is steel roofing. In fact, steel roofing provides several pros compared to the other roofing materials. For one, steel is a material that offers significant energy efficiency, meaning it will save you on cooling and heating expenses. Additionally, they are capable of resisting the effects of a harsh environment and are usually made of recyclable materials. However, steel is costly, so you may spend more on your renovation. You'll also realise that steel is noisy, particularly when it rains. Steel can also dent when debris falls on the rooftop.

Terracotta roofing tiles

Lastly, another roofing material you will come across on the market as you search for roofing tiles is terracotta. The tiles are made with clay and can last several decades. Terracotta roofing tiles can resist the harmful effects of salt, making them a suitable option for coastal areas. The tiles provide thermal protection, so they'll help keep your house warm or cool depending on the season of the year. Clay tiles are also resistant to fire. Unfortunately, these tiles are tedious to install and can be broken once impacted by a large solid object.

With these three options, it should not be difficult to find material to use when restoring your roof. All of them have their pros and cons, so make sure consider everything carefully before picking a material since this investment is meant to last for decades, you have to get it right first to avoid wasting your money and time. Speak with a professional roofer for more information about getting a new roof.

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