Benefits of a Roof Restoration

If you're constantly repairing your roof, and it looks old and worn, it may be time for a restoration process. Such an upgrade will offer both aesthetic and practical benefits, several of which are outlined below.

Lower Ongoing Maintenance Costs

During restoration, all roof cladding areas will be assessed, and contractors can apply sealants and other protective coatings. They'll spot even tiny holes just emerging during this process and prevent more extensive repairs down the track. Additionally, the sealant can help block leaks from developing. After all, for each roof repair, you'll have to pay for a call-out and setup fee. A restoration will preempt problems and deal with the entire roof at once.

Less Environmental Harm

A roof restoration causes less harm to the environment than a replacement. During the restorative process, contractors may replace individual tiles or metal sheets. However, they won't replace the entire surface. This helps the environment as you're throwing out materials prematurely. While some elements like metal are recyclable, even recycling uses energy and releases a degree of harmful greenhouse gasses. You'll help the environment more by maintaining your current roof so that it lasts as long as possible.


While a roof restoration is meticulous and thorough, it's not as inconvenient as a total roof replacement during which all the cladding is removed. This causes more inconvenience than a restoration project, which is less invasive and can be completed quicker.

Energy Efficiency

A sealed roof is crucial to your home's energy efficiency. The ceiling cavity provides a buffer to outside temperature extremes. If the cladding has holes or gaps, the outdoor atmosphere can infiltrate the crawl space, and it can then easily pass through the ceiling into the rooms below. With a securely sealed roof, your home will be more energy-efficient. It won't heat up so much in the summer or become so chilly in winter. An energy-efficient home will demand less cooling and heating to stay comfortable, and you'll enjoy lower bills. Additionally, you can be proactive and apply a reflective coating that bounces solar radiation away from the house during the restoration.

Enhances the Kerb View

As the roofing covers a vast area of the facade, a newer appearance will enhance the kerb view. You could take the opportunity to alter the roof colour. If your home looks drab, you could add spark with a roofing hue that more strongly contrasts with the external walls. Paler shades are more reflective than darker ones and will better keep a home cool.

Contact a local roofer to learn more about roof restoration.

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